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2 HCG Test Strips

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Part of the preparation process for an HCG mixture requires that you mix it with a solution -- a solvent such as bacteriostatic sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water. The purpose of the solvent is to "suspend" your HCG mixture -- to enable it to last longer. But it is still a good idea to periodically test your HCG and make sure that it is up to standard. Our HCG Test Strips are top of the line and ensure accurate, trustworthy results. Use HCG Test Strips to test the potency of your HCG mixture! HCG is NOT included.

HCG Test Strips for Dr Simeons HCG Weight Loss Protocol. Put a few drops of the HCG mixture on one of the HCG test strips to monitor the potency of the HCG mixture. You'll never again have to guess if your HCG has lost its potency! These are pregnancy strips that test for the presence of HCG, but you do not test your urine. Instead, put a few drops of your HCG mixture directly on the edge of the strip.

Complete INSTRUCTIONS for Use

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  • HCG NOT Included
  • HCG Test Strips DO NOT work with Sublingual, Colloidal Silver or Homeopathic HCG mixtures.