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Economy HCG Mixing Kit

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$14.95 HCG Supplies Economy Hospira Bacteriostatic Water mixing kit.

The HCG Economy Hospira Bacteriostatic Water Mixing Kit from HCG Supplies, sometimes called simply a Bacteriostatic Water Kit or a Bacteriostatic Water Starter Pack, makes the HCG mixing process and preparation fast, easy, and affordable. Some people call this Bac Water, Bac-Water, Sterile Water with alcohol, Barostatic Water, Bacteria Static Water, Biostatic Water, HCG Water, or Hospira Water.

Contains an empty 10ml sealed sterile vial for HCG mixture, Hospira 30ml Bacteriostatic water for injection, Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads, and a large HCG mixing Syringe and needle to make the whole process fast and easy. HCG Not included.

Bacteriostatic water is an essential ingredient in the reconstitution of many products, including human chorionic gonadotropin HCG and human growth hormone HGH. Reconstitution is also required for peptides, growth factors, HRT, Testosterone, TRT, SARMS, and many other compounds stored in powdered form. All of these medications also require a mixing kit to be prepared for use. HCGSupplies economy Hospira Bacteriostatic Water 30ml mixing kit will work for mixing all of these different medications. Also used by midwife and midwives.

    HCG Economy Mixing Kit includes:
  1. 1 -- 10ml sterile capped vial
  2. 1 -- Large Syringe with large needle for mixing (not for injection)
  3. 1 -- 30ml Vial of Hospira Bacteriostatic Water mixing solvent
  4. 2 -- Alcohol Prep-Pads (wipes)
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  6. HCG NOT Included

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